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Title of Jawatan Kosong : Jawatan Kosong Process Design Engineer
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Jawatan Kosong Process Design Engineer 2020 . Good Afternoon for the my friends who are need job. Hopefully not despair give up to find a job that suit with desire your needed. Indeed somewhile find a job that suit is not easy in this year. On this occasion, the admin will give info Jawatan Kosong Process Design Engineer 2020 . Here information more detail about Jawatan Kosong Process Design Engineer 2020 .

Jawatan Kosong Process Design Engineer 2020

Here is conditions job description that you must meet to applying Jawatan Kosong Process Design Engineer 2020 which opened end of this month:


The accountabilities of Project Engineer shall include, but are not limited to the following, as other duties may be assigned:

Project Safety

  • All duties to be carried out all activities in compliance with all Corporate Policies, procedures, Laws & regulation as well as Sabanes Oxley Act (SOX) and Business Conduct Policies.
  • To ensure all project comply with PSM procedure and Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) policies. Keep an eye on all relevant safety objectives and legal requirements.
  • Maintains safe and clean working environment by enforcing procedures, rules, and regulations.
  • Maintains product and company reputation by complying with federal and state regulations.
  • Ensures Zero violation on Life Saving Rules (LSR) procedure.
  • Review on the Safety Assessment of risks and hazards involved in tasks by performing Job Safety Analysis, Hazards Identification, Risk Control and Risk Assessment (HIRARC) and Job Method Statement.
  • To manage and obtain all required permits prior to execute the project such as Permit to work (PTW), Confine Space, Working At Height and etc.
  • Actively assists project superintendent with enforcement of site safety.

Project Cost

  • Manage the project within budget and controls project costs by approving expenditures.
  • Assure the accuracy of financial forecasts, which tie-in to project schedules.
  • Preparing cost estimates and quantity takeoffs as required.
  • Update, submit and closely monitor project cost (budget, forecast vs actual) using s-curve on monthly basis. Justify the spending if varies.

Project Scoping

  • Involve in the Idea Evaluation Process together with End Users to identify the project objectives, Scope of Work and Project Schedule. The Idea Evaluation Process form to be filled up with technical specification and Bill of Quantity by Quarter 3 every year.
  • Inter-discipline coordination to develop detailed project scoping with all related departments using Work Breakdown Structure (a deliverable-oriented breakdown of a project into smaller components) and agreed by all parties by Quarter 4 every year.
  • Get budgetary quotation by early Quarter 4 every year before submitting to Group.
  • Verify and confirm Scope of Works at site with area team by Quarter 4 every year.
  • Prepare tender document for Invitation to Bid (ITB) which include the site assessment for scope of work, bill of quantity, technical requirement and etc.
  • Liaise with Operation Team and/or Technical Team on all technical aspects of the project.
  • Review and plan the project with the Procurement Team to ensure technical aspects of job are clear and to become familiar with contractual arrangements made with client.
  • Technical Evaluate on the documents submitted by contractor, to ensure all requirements are fulfilled and score the contractor based on their capabilities to execute the Project.
  • Prepare project capital sanction, technical verification, design verification and review drawings, specifications and project scopes of works.
  • To liaise with experts, consultants, contractor and others body as required for the project.
  • Establish project data collection methods for the scoping.
  • Perform risk management to minimize project risks. Anticipate any potential project risks, identifying and establishing corrective actions.
  • Ensuring all procedures and calculations are submitted to the client for review and approval.

  • Project Planning & Scheduling
  • Prepare and propose potential project for the next following year. Follow up the next following year project list confirmation by Quarter 4 every year with top management.
  • Prepare detailed schedule by end of Quarter 4 every year to meet requirement from production priorities.
  • Liaise with Project Coordinator and/or Site Supervisor to ensure site work is on schedule, and to initiate contingency plan to make sure project delivery on time.
  • Plan project requirements & resources, including the sourcing of subcontract elements, etc.
  • Determines project schedule by studying project plan and specifications; calculating time requirements; sequencing project elements by using Gantt Chart and track tasks against the project timing plan.
  • Define project critical path and responding to and participating in the timely execution of critical priority job.
  • Prepare, schedule, coordinate and monitor catch up plan for project critical path to ensure no delay. React promptly and effectively.
  • Conduct daily, weekly, monthly meeting with project planner, Site Capital Controller and assigned area engineer.
  • Publish and update daily, weekly, monthly schedule to affected group.
  • Take necessary actions to maintain or improve project schedule and analysis of manpower and equipment required.
  • Inform all supervisors and subcontractors promptly of any construction schedule changes and work closely with all stakeholders to ensure requirements are met.
  • Manage project specific materials and equipment purchases including: sourcing, maintaining vendor relations, ordering and tracking deliveries, and receiving and processing invoices.
  • Prepare, issue and tracking purchasing documents (i.e.: Purchasing Requisitions, Purchasing Orders, Service Agreements etc).
  • Update, submit and closely monitor project schedule (plan vs actual) using s-curve on monthly basis. Justify the schedule if varies.

Project Execution

  • Ensure project delivery on time based on requirement from operation.
  • Ensure projects are completed according to project plans.
  • Maintains project schedule by monitoring project progress; coordinating activities; resolving and troubleshooting problems as they arise on a project – finding efficient and effective solutions and ensure solutions are implemented.
  • Reviewing engineering deliverables; initiate appropriate corrective actions throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Support field in expediting schedule, completion of field paperwork, expediting materials.
  • Coordinates materials and assists in the logistics, its shipment and receipt at construction site.
  • Provide support, initiate solution, guide and help smooth the way for the team and contractors in executing the job.
  • Attending project meetings with Contractor, Area Owner and others. Assist in preparation of Minutes Of Meetings.
  • Monitor project progression, resolve any issues that arise and coordinate team activities to maintain approved schedule.
  • Coordinates with all project related personnel on day-today progress of work activities, procurement and operations to ensure timely completion of the project.
  • Attend and setup punch list walk-through as needed; compile the punch list and take necessary actions.
  • Participate in the Hazard Study, PSSR and any other activities related to the project.
  • Managing commissioning and handover of the project.

Project Quality

  • Maintain quality control in every area (budget, scheduling, planning, personnel performance, team dynamics).
  • Prepare and ensures comprehensive Scope of Works, Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), Site Acceptance Test (SAT) and Inspection Test Plan (ITP) for before, during and after installation.
  • Reviews, comment and approve Inspection and Test Plans (ITP) and associated Project Specific Procedures send by contractors.
  • Monitor compliance to applicable codes, practices, Quality Assurance and Quality Control, QA/QC policies, performance standards and specifications while project execution as per ITB.
  • Overall quality control of the project work.
  • Confirms product performance by designing and conducting tests.

Project Reporting

  • Provides status reports and monitor project budgets. Clearly and consistently report on project status.
  • Liaise with planner and prepare for daily, weekly and monthly progression report accurately and on time.
  • Prepares project status reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing information and trends; recommending actions.
  • Communicate effectively during daily interactions with the clients and users to interpret their needs and requirements.
  • Maintains and updates Purchasing Schedule. Identifies lead times for materials purchases and tracks fabrication dates.
  • Update management team on project progression, completion and any necessary updates regularly.

Project Governance

  • To comply with project process flow.
  • Maintain budgetary, scheduling, and project database oversight, and report regularly on the job progress, plans and problems that could significantly affect costs or schedules.
  • Manage compliance, quality control, and quality assurance standards and specifications.
  • Prepare Capital Expenditure Requests (CER) Documentation such as CER writes up, Project Execution Plan (PER), Project Definition Risk Index (PDRI), Net Present Value (NPV), Cost Estimation and Internal Rate of Returns (IRR) for submission for approval. After the approval, project engineer is required to follow up and implement as written in the CER and PEP.
  • Prepare and keep update the Risk & Opportunity Register and Hazard Study on every project phase.
  • Ensure projects execute in safely, timely, cost-effective , quality manner and comply with all Project governance requirements.

Project Documentation & Close Out

  • To produce close out reports, postevent review (project lesson learnt) and documentation after completion of project and keep update.
  • Maintains and updates Change Request Log. Track changes and produce clear, focused and understandable explanations for change requests.
  • Accurate and timely documentation of project issues.
  • Keep update and record all as-built drawing, P&ID, Isometric, Single Line Diagram and O&M manual related to the project.
  • Make sure the project is 100% closed out with Accounting and without pending action either at the site or SAP system.

Process Design

Able and have the experience in process design at least 10 years.

You are required to adhere to your superior instruction, request and requirement at all times and the area of request shall not be limited to the above only but can be to other area related to you roles.

Only applicants that meet to qualifications above of that will be called upon to perform stage test. For that, if you are interested and meet the candidates Jawatan Kosong Process Design Engineer 2020 above, please submit your application before job expired.

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